Tip 52: Which Social Media Platforms Should I use to Promote and Expose My Book

There are many social media platforms that you can use to promote and sell anything. However, you shouldn’t join them all because you will feel overwhelmed. Trying to keep up with Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube, your author site, your blog site, and now Tik Tok will make you want to pull your hair and quit trying.

In my humble and noble opinion, you should only manage two social media accounts and update your author website. A writer tip blog should come after you have some sort of experience with writing or you can document your writing journey in your blog.


This will depend on your willingness to perform in front of a camera. If you like taking great quality pictures and you don’t mind being in front of a camera then Instagram, Pinterest, and Tik Tok, Youtube are the platforms for you.

If you’re camera shy and don’t really enjoy taking pictures, then Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and a website is the way to go.


My advice comes from my personal experience so even if I didn’t follow my own advice (not a shocker) I think I can give you an opinion since at the time I was oblivious to the truth. And also because I was trying to do everything at the same time and imitating other successful authors who had many social media platforms, which in my defense I thought they were running all of them at the same time, but I was fooled and that’s beside the point. So trust my advice.

I recommend starting with only two social media accounts master it (plan your post) and then add more platforms.

What I didn’t know, was that those successful authors didn’t start all of those sites at the same time. What I also didn’t know was that they didn’t post to all of them everyday. And what I further didn’t know was that they used a schedule to post on those several platforms regularly. And what I came to discover was that they don’t manage all of those accounts themselves huh!

What a fool I was.


Twitter, Facebook, and an author page. Those three should’ve been the first platform for me.

Twitter because you can connect faster with readers, authors, and publishers. You have a set number of characters to tweet which forces you to keep your comments/post short and to the point. You can be as witty and as energetic as you want. You can reach your age group and potential readers of your genre quicker.

Facebook to reach a mature audience and people who prefer Facebook to connect with family and friends. The Facebook platform gives a family friendly vibe so most post on this site are thoughtful and more professional. Facebook and Instagram goes hand and hand. So if you have a Facebook account you can link your Instagram account so that you can post on both simultaneously.



Although, you can use Instagram to post to several different platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr), you will still have to manage those platforms, you will have to add friends, engage with other people, and maintain it so that you have a following on those sites as well. On the plus side you would already have content on those platforms once you decide to manage it, however, if you have the same followers on all social media then the content will not be authentic or genuine and it will be redundant.

Lastly, the other platform which I should’ve started with should’ve been an author page. An author page gives potential fans and other people an insight into your writing life. It provides them with information about your books, what you’re writing about, up coming author events that you will be involved with, and basically everything about your author related crafts.

I’m more of an introvert although, I like to have a good time go out with my friends, I love the solitary life and things that I can do alone. So it comes to no surprise that writing activities are the subjects that I like to do.

However, if you like to be the center of attention and like to be in the lime light then Youtube and Tik Tok are the platform for you. Keep in mind that, you must be entertaining and inventive to thrive on those platforms.

Not that you don’t have to be entertaining on other platforms is just that people go on certain platforms for certain level of information. People who search for blogs are searching to learn a skill or a craft via reading. You must be entertaining but not in the same way as in video. People who search for Instagram post are looking for a quick visual entertainment often times relatable information. People who search Facebook are searching for inspiration, services, and a connection with people. Yet others who search on Pinterest are searching to recreate an idea or a technique. Also in that same token if you want to learn how do something or anything for that matter you will search on Youtube where there’s a plethora of knowledge delivered in several formats primarily for entertaining purposes. And adding Tik Tok to the mix, people on that platform are definitely looking for an escape from the real world and obviously looking for an innovative form of entertainment.

You just have to figure out what you’re interested in and keep up with it. Be mindful that maintaining a few social media platforms is way easier than managing more than three.

I have a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, my author page, and my blog page and in the mist of things trying to start a Youtube account. However, I’m not active on all of them as I should be. They are not managed like I need them to be managed either. The easiest to manage for me is the author page since it is only updated when I have an announcement about a new book or author engagement. The Twitter account has to be the most engaging of them all since you must be active on it consistently to have your followers engage with you continually. Facebook and Instagram I post occasionally and at least once a week. I go on Twitter comment on others post and maybe post about twice a month. I have been getting better at it and I’m trying to post at least once a day and comment on other’s post everyday as well. Tumblr, I gave up on that page and in the future I will keep up with it but for now I need to focus on the sites that are the most popular first.

The most effective is Instagram, Facebook, then Twitter, and finally Youtube. Tik Tok is fairly new so we’re still monitoring that platform. Linkedin I have not dabbled in but I heard is also a good way to promote your self and your business.

According to my analytic tools the most traffic to my page is from Facebook, Instagram, Google search, and then the rest of the social platform mentioned.

So I highly recommend starting a Facebook and Instagram account for getting fans, to hype your book and writing, and to socialize.

Plan out your post. Keep a daily or weekly idea list of things to post. Take pictures and write captivating captions to post on your social media. I’m actually going to practice what I preach and keep up with my social media. Join me #keepingup


Don’t forget that word of mouth is also a great social media platform that’s free and more effective than any other social media. However, when you do self promote don’t sell yourself short and most importantly don’t sound like a sleazy car sales man.

If the topic of you being a writer comes up then it’s the perfect opportunity to plug your book and your social media. Share Instagram handle name or Facebook account and ask them to follow you. This way you’ll be promoting your book, gain a follower, gain engagement, and more than likely have a fan which can turn into a sale as well as exposing your page to their followers.

The rule of social media is to stay consistent so that you can stay relevant.

Happy socializing.


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