Tip 51: How to Write a Compelling Book Review Request That Will Get You Free Reviews

Whoever said that writing a book was hard was definitely not in the promoting part of their book writing journey.

Getting the attention of readers, bloggers, libraries, and publishers is by far the most challenging step in your writing journey. Marketing is a skill that must be learned and not something that comes easy to many. Most writers are introverts to begin with and self promoting is an extrovert skill.

I have outlined some steps that have helped me successfully receive book review requests.

  1. Make sure that your book is edited by a professional editor.
  2. Write your blurb (This should’ve been done already).
  3. Get a professional beta reader to read your book and comment on it (I had three I used Upwork.com or The Passionate Book Reader) I used this service after I had free beta readers critique the first few rough drafts of my book and after I had one round of professional editing done.
  4. Get a paid review from a reputable website (I had my first from onlinebookclub.org and my second from readersfavorite.com) There are places to get free reviews but those take a long time and we’re on a time crunch. Besides paid reviews gives you a professional outlook on points you need to work on and things that worked. Use this after you have revised your work from step 3 and after it has been through the second round of professional editing.
  5. Make sure that it’s a positive review.
  6. Make a book trailer (post on Youtube). I did this myself on iMovie and I used images and videos from Canva with a paid subscription but you can hire someone to do it for you.
  7. Write a short bio about yourself (One or two sentences).
  8. Research Youtube for booktubers of your genre. Make sure those booktubers have less than 500 views on their videos. They are more than likely to review your book. Often times they have a website where they have review submissions or they have their email posted on their Youtube profile for business inquires.
  9. Offer to send them a copy of your book either a digital or physical copy or both.
  10. Include the link of your Youtube video and the link to the complete review of your book as well as an excerpt of your review in the email.
  11. Title your email as Book Review Request.
  12. Use their name or website name or Youtube name in the salutation line.
  13. Include the title, number of pages, publication date, where will it be available, author name, genre or sub-genre what other published author your book compares to, your book cover, has it had any awards or have you had any book awards, your website, social media, and thank them for their time.
  14. Do not attach the pdf or epub of your book to the email. Give them the opportunity to request the book. If your book is already on sale, then they sometimes will purchase the book on their own so that they can add their comments on Amazon for a verified purchase.
  15. Do not expect to get a positive review. More than likely if your paid review was positive then most of your reviews if not all will be positive as well.


These are the steps I took that helped me get my book in the hands of many readers. The most important objective for your book right now is exposure. Don’t get discourage stay positive and keep writing your next novel or short story.


Read the Example Book Review Request Below.

Press Release for Bloggers

Hello [Angie],

My name is [S.I. Taylor] and I’m an indie author reaching out to [BookTubers on Youtube] to see if they are interested in reading my new thriller book titled [Guilty Photographs]. I’m a Hispanic female, law enforcement officer, U.S. Navy reservists, mother, wife and lover of all things cute and fluffy.

If you have a submission form that you want me to fill out via your website then I can submit my request via that outlet as well. Just reply to this email and provide me with your website so that I can submit my request.

Guilty Photographs is now available on Amazon and if you’re interested, I can send you a readable file and/or a physical copy for you to read and provide your honest review on your Youtube site, Goodreads, your personal blog, or Amazon. It has received a favorite readers award and positive reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, on social media, and other bloggers sites.

If you enjoy the thrill of a readable roller coaster ride of emotions, action, drama, and thrills then this is precisely what you should read. If you like to indulge in a book with amazing character development, growth, and relatability then look no further.

Thank you for your time and happy reading.


Title: Guilty Photographs

Author: S.I. Taylor



Pages: 434

Genre: Thriller (Sub-genre: Suspense, Murder/Mystery)

Published: April 2020


She was sore and in pain. When her eyes focused, she realized that the thick liquid on the wet floor was her blood. When Barbara saw the photographs; revenge was next on her list.

Barbara Wolf was not always a loner, paranoid, or greedy but she wasn’t dealt a good hand in life or so she wanted to believe. When she woke up half naked, bloody, and bruised she knew that her situation had to improve. She sought out the only untrustworthy man she knew who could get her out of her misery only to be absorbed in a web of lies and death. But when her past actions caught up with her future, she must remember that not everything is what it seems and not everyone is who they say they are. The only way to really know is to identify the Guilty Photographs.

Because now, the photographs of the dead are calling for justice.

Guilty Photographs is a full-length gripping page turning thriller packed with suspense, pulse-pounding scenes, and unbelievable twists that will have you holding your breath. Fans of L.T. Vargus, Tim McBain, Mary Burton, and Mike Omer will enjoy this book.

Trigger warning: This novel contains adult language, graphic violence, and sexual encounters.


“The genuineness of the characters made it easy to develop a connection with them while reading the novel. The images and scenes that took shape in my mind — along with the tension, the mystery, and the twists — sparked the detective in me thanks to the author’s descriptive writing style.” – InStoree from Onlinebookclub.org

“I would recommend this book to anyone who likes gritty action thrillers with some darker story elements.” – Jessica

“This book was very thrilling, it kept me on the edge constantly, it made me wonder all the time about what was really going on.” – Antonella
To read a full review please click here Official Review: Guilty Photographs by SI Taylor

To read more reviews please click here Reader’s Favorite Book Review

To view the official book trailer please click here Guilty Photographs Book Trailer S.I. Taylor

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Feel free to use this template and make sure to tailor it to your book description.

If you have any other recommendations please leave a comment below.


  1. This is really helpful! I must admit, promoting my voice is where I let myself down.
    After all the effort in writing and editing, I am so hopeless when it comes to promoting it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree. I had to learn through trial and error and so far this has worked for me. However, it takes time to gather all the necessary reviews and patience is something that many of us lack. Good luck on promoting.

    Liked by 1 person

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