Guilty Photographs Book Trailer


I can’t believe I put this together in one day. I’m still an amateur at this editing thing but I do hope you enjoy it.


She was sore and in pain. When her eyes focused, she realized that the thick liquid on the wet floor was her blood. When Barbara saw the photographs; revenge was next on her list.


Barbara Wolf was not always a loner, paranoid, or greedy but she wasn’t dealt a good hand in life or so she wanted to believe. When she woke up half naked, bloody, and bruised she knew that her situation had to improve. She sought out the only untrustworthy man she knew who could get her out of her misery only to be absorbed in a web of lies and death. But when her past actions caught up with her future, she must remember that not everything is what it seems and not everyone is who they say they are. The only way to really know is to identify the Guilty Photographs.


Because now, the photographs of the dead are calling for justice.

Guilty Photographs is a full-length gripping page turning thriller packed with suspense, pulse-pounding scenes, and unbelievable twists that will have you holding your breath. Fans of L.T. Vargus, Tim McBain, Mary Burton, and Mike Omer will enjoy this book.

Trigger warning: This novel contains adult language, graphic violence, and sexual encounters.




The genuineness of the characters made it easy to develop a connection with them while reading the novel. The images and scenes that took shape in my mind — along with the tension, the mystery, and the twists — sparked the detective in me thanks to the author’s descriptive writing style.” – InStoree from


“I would recommend this book to anyone who likes gritty action thrillers with some darker story elements.” – Jessica


“This book was very thrilling, it kept me on the edge constantly, it made me wonder all the time about what was really going on.” – Antonella


Thanks for watching.

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