Changing My Blurb

I wrote my blurb a few months ago and last week I realized that I hate it.

Actually, I never thought anything of it until I wanted to promote my book on different forums. I was asked a series of questions and then I had to condense my already written blurb because the site had a limited number of words you could use.

I thought about just skipping that site all together. Actually, I gave up on the site then after a week of thinking about it. I didn’t reread my original blurb.

What I actually did was that I read my entire book and summarized the main big points in two sentences. As I mentioned in my previous post. I break my writing in chunks. The beginning, middle, and end.

I answered the question from my how to write a blurb post #44 and rewrote my blurb. Then, I compared it to my old blurb and kept a few elements.

  1. Who is your main character?
  2. Where does the story take place?
  3. What is the situation?
  4. Why does it matter?
  5. How does the character solve the problem?


  1. Barbara Wolf
  2. Huntersville, small city, bad neighborhood (filled with drugs, prostitution, and death)
  3. Barbara wakes up naked, bruised, and bloody in a warehouse
  4. She can’t remember what happened and there is photographic evidence that she was involved in a crime
  5. She gets help from an acquaintance to clear her name


And this is what I came up with for my second go round of my blurb/summary of my new book.   

Barbara Wolf was not always a loner, paranoid, or greedy but she wasn’t dealt a good hand in life or so she wanted to believe. When she woke up half naked, bloody, and bruised she knew that her situation had to improve. She sought out the only untrustworthy man she knew who could get her out of her misery only to be absorbed in a web of lies and death. But when her past actions caught up with her future, she must remember that not everything is what it seems and not everyone is who they say they are. The only way to really know is to identify the Guilty Photographs.

Because now, the photographs of the dead are calling for justice.

What do you think of my new blurb compared to my old one in my post Guilty Photographs blurb.

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