Guilty Photographs Now Available

I was beyond happy and without actual words to express my emotions when I received a positive review for my book a few weeks ago.

The reviewer did an excellent job at describing my book without giving too much away. I was thrilled that my story came across exactly or at least better than what I would’ve expected.

Below is an excerpt of the reviewers comment. You can checkout the full review by clicking here OnlineBookClub.

“Guilty Photographs, by S.I. Taylor, is a suspenseful thriller of nearly 400 pages with an intriguing plot and realistic characters that deserves nothing less than 4 out of 4 stars. The editorial team did an incredible job delivering a professional literary work. . .” -Instoree

The ebook is finally available on Amazon. You can purchase your copy here today. I will be running a giveaway on my Instagram account @sitaylorwrites coming this weekend. So if you’re not following me please do so to keep up tp date with my writing and my life.

Let me know in the comments about your opinion after reading the review.

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