Tip 49: How to Title Your Book

Before I sat down and wrote my second book I had an idea of what I wanted to write about.

I wrote my outline, did my research for everything and then I thought of the perfect title for my book.

If you haven’t read the blurb to my second book Guilty Photographs (Read Blurb Here) or read the first three chapters for free then I suggest doing so (Read First Three Chapters here), so that this post can make a lot more sense.

If you have then proceed with my shenanigans.

I had names, a back story, world building, plot, and plot twist for all my main characters.

I was ecstatic!!

I wrote the first chapter and I read and was hooked on the direction my story was going. I was committed to my writing and to my characters.

At this point I had made a flow chart of where my story was going. When I got to my third chapter I realized that my main character Barbara needed a tick something that triggers her rage. And then it hit me what kids get made fun of at school? Obviously, their name or appearance and what kid is not self conscious.

That’s when it hit me in my flashback scene (which by the way is a deleted chapter) as a teen she wears braces, she’s not a girly girl, and she’s rough around the edges. So there was born the most hated nickname Barbwire.

I combined her name with the wires of her teeth and the popular kids making fun of her with this nickname yep I thought it was brilliant. The scene was well written it was vivid gritty it took you back to her past when she was a teen.

After that scene I titled my book BarbWire the cover will be a girl with a barbwire between her teeth with blood dripping on the side. YES! A winning combination. Or so I thought. I went to Google and Amazon and did a title search for Barbwire and lo and behold there was a movie with Pamela Anderson titled Barbwire. I was so disappointed and so angry that I based my book on this title only to come up short.

But I didn’t let that get to me so I continued writing my book. I had a rough draft done in about three months and by now I knew the entire story so I titled my book Murder at Warehouse District 5. It was perfect I ran with it. It fitted my theme for my genre there’s a murder in the book. I searched on Google and Amazon again and nothing came up so I was in the clear. I edited my story had a few beta readers critique and give me feedback and then sent it to my professional editor for edits. She didn’t like the title and thought it was too blah and not exciting. And the more I thought about what she said the more I hated the title too. So I went back to the drawing board.

And below are the few titles I came up with.

Thief with heels

The thief wore heels

The lie that kills

The binding lie

Truths are lies

She lied

He lied

They lied to her

Barbara’s Story

Barbara’s End Game

Those were good titles but they did not tie the story together. Then I read my story from beginning to end on my Kindle after it was edited and took notes on the recurring theme of the story. Then I realized that photographs was the one thing that kept coming up on my notes it was sort driving the story forward along with trying to figure out who were the people on the photos. And that my fellow friends is how Guilty Photographs was born. It was amazing. My betas thought that it went better than my previous Murder at whatever I named it at first.

These are the way that I came up with my title. Comment below on how you come up with your title and was my process way too long or maybe complex or too easy.


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