Guilty Photographs Chapter 1 Snippet


The white room was cold, but the darkness in her mind swallowed her. In the far distance the pounding of a sledge‐hammer smashed repeatedly and the more she focused the harder the pounding seemed.

But there wasn’t any noise. It was her head; a headache was emerging like a thousand sledgehammers were pounding inside. She was more confused than dazed and when her body shivered, her arms instinctively moved in a frantic way to warm her body.

That’s when she realized that her blouse was torn, exposing her left breast, and her black lace panties were wrapped around her ankle. She was lying on something hard, cold, and wet. She couldn’t comprehend why she wasn’t at home. She propped herself on her elbows on the sticky wet floor and that’s when it hit. The pain, the agonizing pain that was throbbing from her left side.

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