Murder at Warehouse District 5

This is my new project. I combined my expertise in law enforcement with my passion for action, crime, and mystery to write this book. It is completed It is now in the beta reading phase.

Below are the tag line and blurb/summary. Let me know what you think.

murder at warehouse district 5

When greed meets desperation. Death follows.


Barbara a small-time thief from a drug-stricken neighborhood in the city of Huntersville desperately wants to leave the dangers of her hometown. She takes a job stealing jewels from a home in an upscale community.

The payout from this heist will give her enough money to leave Huntersville for good. She convinces Nixon —a computer genius— to hack her way into the home to get the jewels. But when three dead bodies appear, and she wakes up unconscious unable to remember what occurred she becomes the prime suspect of the crime.

She has three days to deliver the jewels before her times up or she dies. But there’s one problem the feds have her in custody.

Will she be able to get away from the feds in time to deliver the jewels, clear her name, and avoid death?


Fans of psychological thriller, crime, mystery, and detective inspired plot will enjoy this book.


Coming soon…

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