Writing Tip 41: Writing Platonic Friendship

Not everyone in your story will be in a romantic love relationship. I know shocking. Well these are some of my tips for creating a believable platonic friendship.

1. Establish Trust

If you’re starting your story with characters that have been friends for many years then show how they appreciate the other.

Show a situation where trust is necessary and that trust pays off. For example, saving ones life, helping out with a project, or backing them up. The situation should compel the other to see that they saw their best interest in mind and that this person is cool to hang around.

2. Make the bestie more than a sidekick

The MC doesn’t have to outshine the bestie in everything. They can be the voice of reason, or the pretty, risk taker, the MC and the bestie doesn’t have to agree to everything, you don’t want the bestie to be going along for the ride and sitting on the side line waiting for the MC to do something. This relationship is unrealistic because no matter how important you believe your life to be your friends play an important roll in your life. Either you lean on them for support, you guys go out to relax or hang out, you talk to each other for advise, or whatever else you have friends for. Use your experience with your friends to write about how your story friendship interacts.

backlit dawn foggy friendship
Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

3. Give your bestie a life outside of the MC story

IT is obvious that the bestie is going to be involved in the MC’s life and help out with the journey. However, the bestie shouldn’t just appear in the scene solely to cater to the MC at every whim. Especially if you’re writing middle grade or YA. They usually have parents, chores, homework, siblings or whatever else that goes on in someone’s life. Write that they have a hobby, family, or are interested in the arts, cars, collecting, video games, sports, or taking care of pets. Give them some sort of life even if the bestie is not the protagonists but a little screen time is not so bad either. This makes the friend believable and less like a door mat.

4. Showcase their brand of affection

Friends are not affectionate the same way lovers are so show how they care.

I have friends that she calls me honey and another that says boo and yet another that kisses on the cheeks and hugs me, and the other that calls me dude and bro when we talk to each other and when we greet each other. Channel your real life friendship and mimic that in your writing. I’m the kind of friend that showcase my affection through acts of kindness.

Show case their affection based on their personality.

5. Make the friendship mutually beneficial

Make them have a good time, giving each other advice, and doing similar activities. They can be kind and appreciative. Clearly show their connection and closeness. My friends and I would share clothes, makeup, shoes. We would braid each other’s hair give each other’s massages. We would do things for the other to show that we are mutually benefitting from the engagement.

two people in a blue kayak
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

These are only a few things you can include in your story but I’m sure you have used others. Let me know what you think of my top five and leave a comment about how you write about your platonic relationship in your story.

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