Writing Tip 39: Writing Love Chemistry

How to create chemistry between two characters. This is not about getting the goods on the first date and then loving each other later. This is about a realistic type of feeling the build-up of feelings, then the romance, then the goods in that order, please.

1. Build the anticipation

Readers need time to get to know the characters. They need reasons and evidence to believe that these two characters are meant for each other and that their feelings go way beyond the surface. Outside dangers can progress the relationship. The anticipation needs to build. The instant romance crap is not believable.

2.  Opposites attract (to an extent)

The MC’s should be different but equals. I mean that they should balance each other and not bring the other down. One should not have complete rule or power over the other nor dominate the other. So they should complement each other. The MC’s should eventually work well together and add enrichment to each other’s lives both physically and emotionally. They need to bring an equal amount of interest to the relationship. They need a reason to be attracted to the other.

3. Common ground

They need a reason to be in the same story together and eventually in the space in order for them to meet. Usually, they have a common goal like saving the world or overthrowing the government. If they have an opposing goal, then this works too because they can encounter each other and this will be a good building to their relationship and drama. Gives them a chance to support, strengthen, and bond. They need to both be participating together one character should not be the only one doing all the work while the other just sits there watch and go along.

4. They must like each other

How hard is it to work with someone you dislike? It is extremely difficult. One person would always be slacking and you end up doing all the work. I know I said that romance needs to build up and that sometimes if they bicker at the beginning it makes for a good romance but that is completely different from the MC’s hating each other from day one works terribly together can’t stand each other but they have sex. These leaves readers with the sense of what just happened syndrome. The MC’s never showed evidence of caring for the other but yet they are in bed together? How bizarre? It’s okay to get them to bicker at the beginning but then show how they gradually start to care and like each other.


Those are my tips for creating chemistry. If you want to add to the list and give me some recommendations let me know in the comments.

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