Writing Tip 38: Fictional Romance Tropes

These may have been mentioned in other posts but I read a few books with these elements embedded in them and I thought I should share them again since I keep reading about them again and again.

1. Insta romance

When the romance occurs in the first few pages of the story. I get it it’s a book with a few hundred pages and a few thousand words. These sort of stories makes it seem as a one night stand that extended for one hundred or so pages.

I read a book that actually the love interest fell in love in two days and in day four she was pregnant and then day five they got married.

How did that happen was beyond me. I actually left a review for the writer to answer but that was three years ago and I check every time to see if I get an answer.

But seriously let the romance build up.

2. Mind-blowing kisses

This is when the writer over exaggerates every other kiss other than the first as if it were cataclysmic out of this world and eternal.

Every kiss doesn’t have to be explained to the point where just kissing gives me the sense of an orgasm unless if I’m reading erotica and even then the kisses aren’t explained to that detail.

3. Love triangles

I’m not too fond of love triangles in real life so I’m not down to reading love triangles in a story.

When have you had the opportunity to be involved in a love triangle and it actually worked out that one person is waiting for you to decide on when you’re going to pick.

As far as I’m concerned the way technology is set up now-a-days, love triangles is a thing of the past.

4. Objectifying abs

I like reading about a nice six-pack when we first meet the MC. However, the vivid description of his abs in every other page is a bit much.


5. Inaccurate anatomical reference to organs during sex scenes

I was actually beta reading a book where the author explained that the love interest’s vagina smelled like oysters. I love oysters but if mine smelled like oysters I would definitely be having an emergency gynecologist visit to check myself.

Therefore, do not, I repeat do not make references to animal scents for any sexual parts. Unless if you’re describing a repulsive scene, all animal scent reference are out of the question.

Also, I was rereading a book that I loved and when I tried to picture the love scene, it was rather difficult to position myself in the way the author was describing them. Unless she was an acrobat which she wasn’t in the story, then those positions should make sense to the readers. At least be able to picture them without being extremely descriptive to the point where the love scene is more of an explanation of the positions and steps rather than just them loving the other.


6. The gorgeous guy falling for the insecure girl

Anyone whose insecure or has low self esteem is not a great attribute to have. In fact, if its to the point where everything you say is negative I suggest getting professional help. As we have a friend who has low self-esteem and is insecure despite his many accomplishments is a form of mental illness.

However, in writing it’s such a turn off. The only people I’ve seen take on a job of fixing others are called doctors and they get paid for it. So, no more writing about insecure Mary Sue.

We’re in the independent, self sufficient, and women empowerment age. That frail and damsel in distress character is so old and over done. NEXT!

7. The rude guy or dismissive girl

I know I repeat this a lot but this is just because it comes up a lot. Why does the MC has to have the rude pretentious attribute. Or the girl that blows every one off because she’s just too hardcore. And it’s usually because of a past struggle which shouldn’t be justified.

8. Miscommunication

Drama is good but when it’s unreasonable then NO!

This is usually when someone either tells the MC or the MC over hears a snippet of a conversation where their love interest is betraying them, lying, or is not who they say they are.

And instead of speaking to them, the MC decides to avoid all communication and somehow in their mind the other must obviously know why they are upset at them. And when they finally realize the truth it was something so simple.


9. Courtship

When the MC’s has every opportunity to make it work but they sabotage themselves into not being together. It’s not that they can’t be together because of family hatred or of a forbidden love. Is the long chase where every obstacle you can think of is in the between them or they are unsure of how they feel.


10. You are Mine

The ownership obsession makes sense if the obsessed character is not the real MC but a real psycho. We usually see this in thriller, suspense, and even horror movies and books. This shouldn’t be seen in a romance book or movie. It’s unhealthy, wrong, and means to getting arrested for stalking.

These wrap up my fictional romances tropes. What are yours let me know what I’ve missed in the comments.

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