Writing Tip 37: Likeable Tropes

Some of these tropes are obviously overdone but they have been overdone well. I like them and you probably like them too. These are some of the ones that I enjoy reading about.

1. The forbidden Romance

When they can’t be together because of a legend, or they’re on opposing sides of a war, or when their families are feuding. Not because the guy is married and he’s cheating on his wife that’s cheater. And we don’t like cheaters.

2. Enemies to lovers

Well maybe not 100% enemies but probably something happened between them that they dislike each other. Or maybe they really didn’t care for the other and then they have to work together for some sort of mission where they get on each other’s nerve. But between them working together they slowly realize that they are perfect for each other.


3. Friendship betrayal

When the main character’s (MC) best friend stabs them in the back. This is so epic to see especially when you didn’t see it coming. Okay, maybe not that much of a betrayal although, I do love a good drama. On second thought, that’s actually a great read. Where Mary Joe was the sweetest and loveable character in the book we were all rooting for her. And then, she was the real villain.


4. The misfit crew

When the story has diverse characters and they start out cool but then they slowly start having issues. Their relationship starts getting complicated and the only way to defeat the villain is that they must work together. This is seen in the Captain America: Civil War Marvel Series where there’s Team Captain America and then Team Iron Man. They must put their animosity aside and eventually this brings them closer and they find themselves again and be happy.

5. The power couple

It’s kind of hard to find a book where there’s equal strength in the love interest. It’s usually that they are both strong in their own way but together they make a stronger team.

In some detective series there will be two partners working together although, they don’t have super powers, (which they can have in a fantasy book) they’re smart and witty in their own regard which helps the other out.

Being a power couple doesn’t necessarily mean an actual love interest but two people who bring out the best in the other when they work together.

6. The Sexy/Handsome villain

Okay, okay, I know the sexy villain trope has been over done. Primarily with the female characters being extra sexy seductive and then the fangs comes out and you’re caught up in her sultriness. However, how many times do you read about not just a cute or sweet like your brother type of villain but a handsome, athletic, and smart villain?

Specially if the villain is equally or more handsome, stronger, and wittier than the MC then, it makes it hard to hate him or to believe he’s the villain.

7. The tension building kiss

This is when the writer makes it a point to have readers expect the love interest to kiss at that perfect moment but then danger approaches or they get interrupted and they must pull apart.

This is done even better when their tension builds throughout the story and then when we think it’s going to happen. Bam! it doesn’t. The kissing only comes when we least expect it and we learn to appreciate that much more.

I’ve read a good book where the author just kept on doing this throughout the entire book. It Was So Annoying. The protagonists even went as far as both undressing each other and they got interrupted by the hired help. Needless to say that I and many other readers were mad because that was just too much tension building for nothing to occur at the end.

Don’t go that far into the tension building. Sprinkle here and there, build up, tease, and then sprinkle, then deliver.

Let me know in the comments of any other tropes you enjoy in your reading.

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