TSR Character Cytheria

I had the pleasure of working with Jason Moser from Upwork as a hired artist and he was able to bring my characters to life. We worked together to get the characters exactly to how I envisioned them. This process also helped me add more descriptions to my characters to let readers picture them in their heads clearer.

Jason was amazing to work with, he was patient, and he finished the work way before schedule. I highly recommend his talent, his skills, and expertise if you are looking for a professional artist.

Cytheria Aphrodite Character


Her alluring sex appeal will captivate anyone but her punches will make you fall.

She’s a successful supermodel. She loves to travel. She unintentionally manipulates people around her because of her sex appeal and looks. She’s Vesta’s good friend but they have distanced themselves because of what is happening in Olympus but they consider themselves friends whenever they are together. She wants Aidoneus and will try anything to get him.

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