TSR Character The Watchers

I had the pleasure of working with Jason Moser from Upwork as a hired artist and he was able to bring my characters to life. We worked together to get the characters exactly to how I envisioned them. This process also helped me add more descriptions to my characters to let readers picture them in their heads clearer.

Jason was amazing to work with, he was patient, and he finished the work way before schedule. I highly recommend his talent, his skills, and expertise if you are looking for a professional artist.

Watchers Character

The Watchers (Pollux, Cerus, & Castor)

One of the most powerful gods but their greed will get the best of them.

Castor, Pollux, and Cerus (The Watchers names from left to right). Cerus the oldest of the three is usually the one that speaks for all three the other two follows, although, they sometimes speaks when they need to. The Watchers are the guardians of the Olympians, they preside over the wellbeing of everyone, decides their fate, and conduct ceremonial rituals. They move in unison. They are irrational and power driven for being the most supreme.

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