Writing Tip 30: Climax

The climax of a story is when the conflict is resolved or when the main character (MC) goal is achieved. The climax usually occurs towards the end of the story. To make an epic story the resolution of the climax should be difficult to make the story impactful and the resolution believable.

I’ve read books where the climax could have been solved from the time the conflict was presented. I’ve also read books that the climax was so complicated but the resolution was extremely easy. These books left me like ‘what! really,’ WTF.

5 Tips on how to write a climax

1. The MC should have a disadvantage.

What I mean is that the MC should be the underdog. The readers should question the MC’s ability to complete the task since the Mc was written either fragile, had no clue they were the chosen one, or can’t really use their powers. This ramp up to the anticipation

2. The villain must be the worst character.

The villain must be lethally bad or the obstacles must be despicable and rising to its peak at the climax. The villain must surpass the MC’s capabilities in order for the readers to be at the edge of their seat when they read about the struggles that the MC is encountering.

The reader has been led to believe from the beginning that the villain is the worst there is and having the MC defeat the villain easily is disheartening and the reader will get disappointed.

3. The Mc should seem as if they are going to fail

The villain should be at the point where they are going to win. The MC should almost die, or almost lose their lover, or doubt their ability to the point in which the reader is upset that the villain is winning. When the MC works hard to win instead of succeeding really quickly is highly enjoyed by readers. This will in part display the MC’s growth throughout the story.

4. Give the reader a sense of shock!

The climax is an excellent place to add that shocker or plot twist. The reader was expecting one thing but the writer gave them another curveball.

The best climax will have the reader shouting, gasping, cursing, or crying while they read.

5. Make it climatic

This needs to be epic. This is the major and most important part of the story and it needs to be everlasting. The climax should evoke some sort of emotion while they read it. The climax should be the most intense part of the story. If you have a subplot that has been solved and it was epic then the climax needs to surpass any other reveals or shocking moment in the story.

The climax is one of the most important parts of the novel and it should be the most epic and memorable.

Let me know in the comment how you plan to write your climax.



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