Writing Tip 24: Character Building


How to create a character?

The simplest way to put it is to know your character as if they were a real person.

How do you that?

Well, the best way to do it is to create a character profile. The character profile lists your characters traits, quirks, nuances, mannerisms, thought process and anything that would make a character believable. Even if you don’t use the entire character description in your manuscript, it is a great way to mentally give your characters life. It helps you know about your character and it helps you think like the character or how they would react to situations or say certain things.

These are some things to think about:

  1. Basic statistics

Your characters gender (male or female), sexual preference, height, skin color, hair texture, hair color, facial features, age, ethnicity, culture, lineage, body type, how their features affect them, where do they specifically live, are they friendly extroverted, or are they reserved and introverted.

2. What are there relationship

Do they have a family (siblings, extended family), girlfriend/boyfriend, friends, what are their relationship with their family. Are their family relationship good or bad. They bicker with their siblings or are they best friends. Are their parents alcoholic, drug user, religious, involved in their life, deceased, or maybe they have an awesome relationship with their parents or siblings. What are their relationship with their friends. How close are they? Or are their friends ass holes or awesome? Maybe their friendship changes throughout the story for better or for worse.

3. What are their sexual orientation and who are they attracted to?

What are the characteristics of their love interest. Physical characteristics such as abs, boobs, derriere (ass), legs, eyes, smile, hair color and length. Maybe its an attribute such as humor, their scent (perfume/cologne), the way they talk, their voice, dresses or carries themselves, personality, or intelligence. Also sexual history and why are they sluts, or a man-whore, or a virgin and inexperience. What’s their love life like. Have they been heartbroken or has their significant other died, divorced, separated, or in love.

4. What are their skills

What is your character good at and what do they do for a living and how do they developed their skills. Are they good at what they do and do they enjoy what they do. What are their hobbies? Do they swim, workout, dance, paint, sculpt, write, skateboard, ice skate, roller blade, play a sport, play an instrument, or sing.

5. Personality and character

Is your character an introvert or an extrovert. Do they like the outdoors or staying inside. Are they right brain (creative) or left brain (analytical) dominant. What are your characters strengths and weaknesses, ambitions and aspirations, are they happy go lucky, do they settle or are adventurous? What are their goals and dreams, fears or insecurities, and vulnerabilities? What are their beliefs? and Finally, what do they truly care about or willing to die for? Do these traits change and grow throughout the novel? Are they the villain or the hero or the supporting characters?

These are not all the ways you can create a character but they are some of the things you can think about. Remember don’t list them all in your novel but know these things about your characters so that you as the writer can get to know them better and thus make your writing easier.


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