Writing Tip 22: Patience is Golden

3D The Scarlet Romance (1)

Although I had a lot of fun writing this book, I also had a lot of headaches and waiting around. It took me a year to write and a few months to get the cover, the edits, and formatting done to completion. I sacrificed a lot and my family was a huge support.

While my editors had my book I started writing another book. Which was a good idea but at the same time I wished I would’ve started the marketing instead. However, this was a learning experience as I know what to do for the next book.

I had long days and even longer nights writing. I would fall asleep in front of my computer most nights trying to finish a chapter.

I would forget to eat because I was so focused on writing. However, I would take breaks to actually live a little. I blogged, cooked (sometimes), went out with my family and friends to keep me grounded and sane.

The hardest part was seeing the light but I couldn’t reach it. The closer I got to the finish line the further away I felt from my goal. I wasn’t sure if I was psyching myself or not but the anxiety was getting to me.

I found it helpful to listen to vloggers on Youtube giving tips and advise on writing which helped me pinpoint things that I still needed to work on in my book, with marketing, and with life.

I also wrote a small book titled 11 Questions to Guide You Through Writing. It’s filled with answers to many questions us new writers get asked.  As I was getting ready to publish it, the ISBN website was down for a long time. When it finally worked, it was operating with limited features. Which postponed the publishing of that book. I know I could’ve published it without it but I wanted it to be my own book and I didn’t want it to be published through a third party so I waited and waited.

I will have that book published through Amazon by the end of next week hopefully. I’ve joined many writing groups and my time has been preoccupied with many things author related. But I still make time to write and to enjoy myself.

The best advice I have for any new writer is that take the time to take a break. Make a schedule because it will keep you organized and on the road to success.

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