Writing Tip 21: Use Your Favorite Books for Help

I’m overwhelmed.

Where do I find an editor, publisher, book cover designer, formatting expert, ahh!!!

Have no fear this tip can help.

I was drowned in Google by the plethora of websites that offers all these services at different prices which claimed to be the best on the market.

I sat for days scrolling and couldn’t decide which one’s to choose.

Well, I’m not sure how many people actually did this but I thought it was clever so I’m claiming it as I discovered America (j/k but not really).

I collected my favorite books in my writing genre and looked at the editors and book cover designers that they used which helped tremendously at narrowing my search. From there I made a list of pros and cons of the services and picked what worked best for me.

This way you get an indirect recommendation from your favorite author. You automatically create a bond with those individuals because you’ve seen their work and you trust their work.

This method worked for me. It may or may not work for you but it’s a seed planted which doesn’t hurt to water by lurking to your favorite book and taking a peek at who the author used to assist them.

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