Writing Tip 20: Practice What You Preach


Many authors myself included has information to tell new writers and sometimes seasoned writers can pick up a thing or two as well.

Their method of delivery either via vlog, podcast, blog, YouTube, or through any other source of social media is great and awesome because it caters to many people.

However, how many of those tips and tricks do they really follow?

Do I follow their tips even if they don’t follow their own tip?

Well, I can say first hand that I have seen a few YouTube channels with great tips but I do believe that some of them are a load of crap.

For example, if you’re juggling writing, a home, family (including young children), and work. Where in the world do you find time to create social media content plus create a detailed storyboard outlining your book and also have time to promote your brand and do family recreational activities? Oh yeah and write?

Well, organizing is half the battle but I’m sure that emergencies arise. Some things have to give. No matter how organized you think you are not everything gets done on that list.

It’s great when your scheduling works but life is unexpectedly unpredictable. Therefore, I can sympathize with many who sort of doubt these great tip givers that gives awesome advise but don’t really follow through with themselves.

However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t follow the advice because they themselves are not actually following it. Especially, if it’s useful advice. I probably might fall into this category someday but as of today I actually give tips that I follow because I haven’t created bad habits and I’m new sooooo I’m following the advice I’m given thus far.

In conclusion, follow good advise. Do as you’re told like my mother used to say. If it works for you then don’t quit doing them.

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