Writing Tip 18: I’m Schizophrenic

Yes, I’m a schizophrenic and so are you.

As writers, I realized that we must get inside the minds of several different people of different ages, professions, genders, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds. We also have to tap into a vast majority of behaviors and feelings such as being friendly, mean, angry, happy, paranoid, giddy, afraid, brave, you name it we’ve been there.

We have to transform ourselves into many characters in order to make our writing believable and get readers immersed in our book. We also have to be scholars in order to get our characters up to par with the world we created for them and the situation they’ll encounter.

The act of writing is an introverted, solitary, and schizophrenic art. Traits that society has deemed as dangerous if combined but proved to be genius in writing.

If anyone were to tell you that having schizophrenia is a bad trait then that person is clearly not a writer with a wild imagination and a passion for this craft.

So let’s be schizophrenic together.

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