Writing Tip 16: Too Many Questions


Questions that you as a newbie writer should be aware of or at least have an idea about. These were the questions that I came across in my writing journey when I was completing my book series.

  • Why did you start your writing journey/career?
  • Who are your target reading audience?
  • Is your writing genre applicable to a large list of reading consumers that will benefit or are interested in your writing and in what you have to say?
  • Are you passionate about your writing or writing in general?
  • Are you willing to sacrifice a few things in your life to make time for writing?
  • Are your family supportive?
  • Are you planning to make writing your main source of income? and if so Have you thought about being a freelance writer, joining writing forums, writing novelas or short stories, or ghost writing?
  • Once you’re book is completely finished; are you going to find beta readers? Hire an editor or editors for copy edit, developmental edit, or proof reading edit? Hire an illustrator for your book cover and inside (optional)? Hire a person or company to format your book for either eBook version or traditional hard book version? Are you going to pitch your book for a major publishing company or are you going to self publish?
  • Are you willing to sacrifice quality over quantity? Are you aware of the costs associated with publishing? How big or small is your budget?
  • Are you open to criticism or suggestions once your book is published?
  • Are you starting a blog or your own website, starting social media accounts such as YouTube, Pinterest, twitter, Facebook etc. to brand yourself, promote your book, and gain fan base?


  • Are you mentally prepared for the ups and downs in your journey?

Although not all of the questions are hard to fulfill but they are helpful to ponder about. Do you have any other questions you might have and can add to this list? Let me know by commenting below.

Think about these questions and talk to your family. Set a plan and organize yourself. Stay positive and trust the process.

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