Writing Tip 17: Branding and Promoting


You’ve typed THE END and you’re ready for publishing. Hooray!

However, the writing journey doesn’t end with the last line of your book.

Now you must think about how to promote your book and create a brand for yourself.

This was hard for me because I don’t like the fact how social media takes up so much of your time. I don’t like to be in front of a camera, I don’t feel comfortable putting my picture out there in the net, and the last time I checked Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat were months ago and I don’t even post on those sites.

Although, writing is a very personal and introverted activity you have to put yourself out there to get recognized and have people read your writing.

So now I’m starting my own cooking blog, I have 2 Pinterest accounts, I’m going to create a Facebook for my writing, and I’m establishing my writers page with WordPress.

It sounds overwhelming but staying organized, making time, having a schedule, and slowly building yourself over time will help with promoting and bringing readers to you. You have to crawl before you walk. Taking baby steps instead of running hurdles will benefit and you’ll see the progress. Stay positive it will be rough at the beginning.

I’m new at this and I’m by no means an expert but I love writing and I know that it’s my passion.

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