Writing Tip 15: My First Book Sucks!!



Let’s face it your First book or major writing project is going to Suck. And that’s okay because your next work will be great. As I’m writing my next book Barb Wire I realized that my previous books were good but my writing has evolved and it got better.


Pat yourself on the back you’ve reached a new writing milestone. You’ve graduated from a novice with a little clue to a novice with a little more clue. Which means that within your writing career your work to you will be great from the moment you put it out there for the masses. But when you move on to your next book, your writing will improve from your previous work.

And that’s attributed to listening to helpful feedback, criticism, researching, and reading other books to spike your writing.


You can always go back and re-release your book with a revamped new cover and a new take of unsucking it.


So get out there write some sucky books and improve your writing in the process.

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