Writing Tip 13: Writing Moods

My writing habits and how I get in the writing mood

Some of my best ideas come to me when I wake up. My mind is fresh and my ideas are jumping at me like popping popcorn. But what happens when the mood just pauses not stop but pauses. Well, I get into my writing mood.


It all depends on what scene I’m writing. For me, when I write a love scene I listen to a ballad a romantic love song and this gets my mind racing for a steamy love scene.


To write about a fight scene I watch a fight scene from a movie preferably one that matches my characters and then I research how to write that fight scene. Because let’s face it writing he punched me and I kicked him gets old real quick. Insert Yawn, insert turn page, insert skip, insert put book down.


We don’t want that for our book so use a tool for help plus researching is free. Google and I have a fantastic symbiotic relationship where I need it for content help and it needs me to fish for information.


So let’s go back to the topic at hand. Getting into the groove and mood of writing depends on what drives you. Music drives me maybe inspirational quotes or videos, maybe exercising, maybe cooking, maybe driving, maybe talking to your very attractive neighbor or significant other whatever gets you in the right mood use it and take advantage of it.

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