Writing Tip 12: Reading to be the Best

Writing to be the best writer should change to reading to be the best writer. I might be on to something. How does that make sense you ask? Well everyone has this one notion that writing makes you a better writer but in fact reading makes you a better writer.

Hear me out. You have to see what’s out there, scour the competition, and hook new readers to your book, podcast, website, or whatever you’re pitching. Think about it. Android Vs IPhone, Ford Vs Chevy, Coach Vs Michael Kors, Huda Beauty Vs Beauty Bakery, luxury brands Vs non luxury brand, and so on you catch my drift.

Every industry in the market studies the competition to get customers, to get ahead, and to market their product as best so why not do so with your book.

I know it might take away from your writing but remember take the time to take care of yourself and take a break. It might be hard but well worth it at the end. You can get inspired for something new, for something old, for something borrowed.

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