Writing Tip 4: Where and When to Write

QUILLPENsmaller Have a dedicated writing spot and time. I have to be sitting down, with plenty of lighting in order to write my best ideas. I write after work in my dinning room table. If distractions are an issue then take a trip to a library or coffee shop or write when no one is home. Distractions doesn’t bother me because I can tune everything around me out. If not I get my headphones and blast my favorite music and start clicking away.

I also have the most ideas when I first wakeup in the morning and this is when I take out my Google docs on my phone while getting for work and jot things down or record it.

We are creatures of habit and when we establish a routine with the same consistent spot and time our mind will be in writing mode and ideas will flow freely. Make that spot as relaxing as you want it to be or as chaotic as your mind desires. I rather have scenery such as paintings, my dog in the back ground, my family yelling,  music playing, or the sliding door open to catch a glimpse of the outside world for inspiration and potential writing material.

Find and do what works for you. Comment and let me know.