Writing Tip 1: Before You Write

QUILLPENsmallerBefore I start writing I have every major and nonmajor characters physical descriptions, attributes, careers, expression, memorable characteristics developed. I give them life before I wrote about them so that I know in what direction I want them to go. I also plot out my scenes, my storyline, any subplots and plot twists to ease my writing.

For my first book, I didn’t do this and was struggling with remembering how my characters looked like, what was their style, or did they have black or brown hair etc.

So I found myself going back and forth within my writing. Searching for my characters because I forgot the minor details they had.

I went through my entire book and jotted down all my characters and gave them life. I described their location, what they looked like, what they like and then went back to my writing to reflect those changes. This was also a mini editing session for my characters. However, it took time away from my writing because I didn’t plan it out before I started writing.

I thought that being a panser was easier than planning my writing. I had to stop writing to plan my entire book. This helped me visualize my story so that I can better organize the skeleton of my book.

A panser is a person who does not plan their writing and just goes with the flow. Some pansers may jot down a few ideas to bounce off from but most of them just plan as they write. This technique may work for some but not for me.

I’m naturally a planner and organizer and I thought that reading a book and writing a book were one in the same. I figured that the way I read the book is the same way I would write a book. This was so wrong. I had a big wakeup call while I was writing the direction I wanted to go and thought I was going was not translating how I envisioned it adequately. This is what prompted me to take a step back and reorganize my writing.

I highly encourage new writers to plan and organize their story before writing. This technique will greatly ease the transition from storyboard to writing.

What I learned made it easier to incorporate when I started writing my next book.

Let me know in the comments if you’re a panser or a planner and how does that work for you.