Volume I: Meet the Characters

Aidoneus Graysen

  • Handsome, natural born leader, cautious but tends to over analyze
  • Stature: 6’4
  • Features: Athletic build, sleek back light brown hair, olive skin hazel eyes
  • Job: Lawyer

Kora Windsor

  • She’s smart, beautiful, and lovable
  • Stature: 5’08
  • Features: Slim, dark brown hair, blue eyes, white/tan skin
  • Job: Accountant


  • Plans, executes, dependable, and meticulous
  • Stature: 6’1
  • Features: Athletic build, caramel skin, dark brown eyes, dark brown hair
  • Job: Lawyer


  • Arrogant, smart, persistent, demanding
  • Stature 6’3
  • Features: Muscular, white skin, dark blond hair, blue eyes
  • Job: Real estate mortgage broker business owner


  • Carefree, careless, lover boy, playful
  • Stature: 6’2
  • Features: Blond hair, green eyes, slim build, smooth tanned skin
  • Job: Olympic swimmer


  • Nature lover, nurturer, caring, and loving
  • Stature: 5’11
  • Features: White skin, green eyes, long blond hair, slim
  • Job: Chef


  • Eccentric, adventurous, energetic, and outspoken
  • Stature: 5’9
  • Features: Long red and brown ombre hair, dark brown eyes, golden-brown skin, but most of all her adventures and daring attitude


  • Reserved, cautious, leader
  • Stature: 6’2
  • Features: jet black hair, dark brown skin, dark brown eyes
  • Job: Trainer


  • Carefree, energetic, daring attitude
  • Stature: 5’8
  • Features: Shoulder length fiery red hair with gold streaks, soft golden-brown skin, light brown eyes

The Watchers

  • Demanding, wise
  • Names: Castor, Pollux, and Cerus
  • Stature: Unknown
  • Features: In human form older
  • Job: Guardians


  • Loving, sexual
  • Stature: 5’10
  • Features: Almond gold brown skin,
  • Job: Super model

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