The Scarlet Romance Volume I Summary

3D The Scarlet Romance (1)

Two things Aidoneus the god of the Underworld was convinced of:

One, he will gain control of his life, and

Two, he will not let his second chance at love slip through his grasp again.

He will have to go against the Watchers -his guardians- to get his independence but it will come at a cost. His sister Vesta holds the pieces to uncover the family secret, but she’s been threatened by the Watchers.

In a desperate need to discover his truth Aidoneus travels with his brother Enos to find answers. He learns more than what he was expecting but left with unanswered questions that only his sister can explain.

Upon his return, his quest to fulfill his legacy or choose love has him in turmoil.

What he chooses shocks everyone including himself.

Aidoneus then found himself in the middle of a love war.  He must enlist the help of the Titan -the enemies- that killed his love Persephone to bring peace.

Will he be able to surpass his grief? or Will the Titans try to kill him too?

Fans of paranormal romance, fantasy, drama, and Greek gods will enjoy this book series.

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